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A Tribute to Mom by Hannah Bland

lynn-blandAnother year has passed by filled with fun and memories, and Mother’s Day has arrived once again. This is a day to recognize all that our mother’s do for us, and the huge role they play in each of our lives. Our Mom’s deserve a day like today. A day that celebrates the amazing women they are .The kind of women who sacrifice out of love for us, the kind of women who care for us when we’re in pain, the kind of women who stay strong when we’re afraid, the kind of women who love unconditionally, the kind of women who want to know who we are inside, the kind of women who are our best friend’s. My mom is a woman just like I described. She’s constantly sacrificing her own wants and needs to provide for me, and she never complains about it but does it because she wants to. She’s always there when I need to talk to someone or when I’m going through a hard time. She’s funny, kind, soft hearted to the needs and pain of others, and tender towards God’s will for her life. She’s a Mom who loves unconditionally, who supports my dreams and ideas, and who is beautiful inside and out. Something I love about her is that she wants to spend time with me whether shopping together or talking. Or when we don’t feel like socializing, and decide to talk to each other instead. Laughing as we make up hypothetical reactions, in case someone ever did try socializing, or glancing into our introverted bubble. I love my Mom so much, and can’t wait for all the fun memories to come. I hope today is a special day for both you and your mom, and I challenge you to do something special that will be a thank you to all the years your mom has done things for you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hannah Bland

Happy Mother’s Day


Although we need to acknowledge the value of MOM each and every day, Mother’s Day is a perfect time to celebrate the mothers in our lives

Finding ways to show our respect, appreciation, and love for the moms in our lives makes Mom feel appreciated, but also helps our children develop gratitude that will last a lifetime.. It isn’t about spending lots of money or making a huge gesture but rather taking the time to find ways to show that you are mindful about Mom.

Here are three ways that you and your kids can make mom feel extra special this May:

 Make a card

Offer your child some paper, pencil crayons, and unleash their creativity. Some of the greatest cards Mom’s receive are not those purchased in a store, but rather penned from their own child’s hands.

Have your kids make a card for a mom in their life and include something about what they like most appreciate about her.

Homemade cards are special because they are personalized expressions of our love and appreciation. Best of all, they work at any age.

Create a Meal Together and serve to Mom

Taking time to create a family meal together is an incredible way to connect with our children, but also blesses Mom with a break if she is the one who typically prepares the meals.
Give Mom the experience of a ‘night off’ by making her dinner. Encourage your kids to ask Mom questions about herself and share stories themselves while you eat. What’s her favorite movie? What’s the most fun trip she’s ever been on?

Make a ‘coupon’ book

Putting together a “coupon” book of things that children and teens can give back to mom has been a great Mother’s Day gift for a reason. It is a creative way kids can ‘give back’ to mom with no expectation of anything in return. Also this gift keeps giving long after Mother’s Day has ended.

They could offer a . . .

“Free Hug. Just Because.”
“Massage. After a long day on your feet.”
“Grocery Shop.”
“Drive a younger sibling to baseball practice.”

Mom does so much. Let’s show her how much we care, not only today, but each and every day.

Remember. If you don’t live with Mom any more a phone call goes a long way in keeping relationship alive.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Until Next time let’s treat Mom right
Your friend and Pro-Active Parent Coach
Gregory Bland
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