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A Tribute to Mom by Hannah Bland

lynn-blandAnother year has passed by filled with fun and memories, and Mother’s Day has arrived once again. This is a day to recognize all that our mother’s do for us, and the huge role they play in each of our lives. Our Mom’s deserve a day like today. A day that celebrates the amazing women they are .The kind of women who sacrifice out of love for us, the kind of women who care for us when we’re in pain, the kind of women who stay strong when we’re afraid, the kind of women who love unconditionally, the kind of women who want to know who we are inside, the kind of women who are our best friend’s. My mom is a woman just like I described. She’s constantly sacrificing her own wants and needs to provide for me, and she never complains about it but does it because she wants to. She’s always there when I need to talk to someone or when I’m going through a hard time. She’s funny, kind, soft hearted to the needs and pain of others, and tender towards God’s will for her life. She’s a Mom who loves unconditionally, who supports my dreams and ideas, and who is beautiful inside and out. Something I love about her is that she wants to spend time with me whether shopping together or talking. Or when we don’t feel like socializing, and decide to talk to each other instead. Laughing as we make up hypothetical reactions, in case someone ever did try socializing, or glancing into our introverted bubble. I love my Mom so much, and can’t wait for all the fun memories to come. I hope today is a special day for both you and your mom, and I challenge you to do something special that will be a thank you to all the years your mom has done things for you.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Hannah Bland

Single and Hate Valentine’s Day? by Hannah Bland

Single and hate Valentine’s day? Have you had a friend tell you how much they dislike Valentine’s Day because they are ‘alone?’

We often get the idea that Valentine’s Day is only about writing love letters to, or buying chocolate and flowers for, our significant others.

If we stick this narrow idea of Valentine’s Day we’ll miss an opportunity to show the love we have for our parents, siblings, grandparents, and friends. All important people within our lives. There are many other ways to enjoy and show love on Valentine’s Day.

In Ruth 1:16 we read one of the greatest stories of love. Naomi upon deciding to return home asked both Orpah and Ruth to remain in their own country. Orpah listened to Naomi’s plea and returned home, where she could get married, and have children.

Ruth, however, had a plea of her own ” where you go I will go, where you stay I will stay….” She loved Naomi so much that she was willing to give up all that Orpah could have, in order to live with Naomi the rest of her life.

As we look at Ruth we see that love isn’t all about getting married, being swept off our feet, or even dreaming and hoping about what our future can hold. Love is right in front of us. It’s in the people we surround ourselves with, those who really care about us. We see the greatest act of love in the Bible, Jesus offering His life for us as an act of love.

When you celebrate Valentine’s Day today, could I challenge you to shift your focus from the ‘love’ you don’t have while celebrating and expressing love to those who are right with you. The family and friends you do have who love you, and of course to God who loves you more than anyone on earth ever could.

From me to you Happy Valentine’s Day!

With Love extended
Hannah Bland

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My Favourite Christmas Memory by Hannah Bland

Anticipation-gregory-bland“Josh is it time yet?” I asked my little brother from my make shift bed of sleeping bags on the floor.

“Just a minute I’ll check.” He quickly hopped out of bed hoping, as I was, that it was time to get up and see what this exciting day would hold.

He returned and with sadness in his voice said, “Nope we still have a couple hours to go.”

With those words my hope was crushed. “Two hours to go!? But I can’t sleep.” As much as we tried, we just couldn’t get back to sleep. We kept checking the clock and the time seemed to move very slowly.

The early evening of this sleepless night was filled with fun and laughter, and our grandparents joined in. After the Christmas Eve service at our church we returned home to begin our traditional family night.   We get to open one present on Christmas eve and I remember sitting, the presents on our laps, and wondering what was under those colourful lids.

My sister and I opened one given by our uncle to find PJ’s and socks. We watched as Josh opened his. It was a large package containing two rockets. I thought, “Oh joy. We have to trust Josh with rockets?”

After the gift opening and changing into our new PJ’s we filled plates with and sat together to watch “The Nativity.”   Afterward we made our way to bed trying to contain our enthusiasm as we wait for morning when we could wake up and enjoy the day we’ve been anticipating since late November, early December.

Unfortunately the hope of finding sleep on this Christmas Eve was nearly impossible. That brings me back to the beginning of my story. I lay in my sleeping bag, the clock ticking by minute by minute. We had very little sleep that night. It was painful for Josh and I as we waited so anxiously for morning to arrive.

I heard stirring in the kitchen, which seemed so weird for this early in the morning. I turned the doorknob on my bedroom door and opened it to see Dad in the kitchen making a morning coffee.

I quickly looked at the digital clock on the stove. 5:00am. Still an hour and a half until we can get up, but here Dad stood making coffee with a mischievous smile on his face.

After some time we discovered that they had tricked us and set the clock back two hours so we would ‘sleep in.’

I tell you, as the sleepy head in the family, Katelyn was quite pleased to discover she could sleep in longer instead of being awakened by Josh and I hovering over her pleading with her to get out of bed, it’s time to open our stockings.

I still think that was a funny trick to play on us and overall we had a great day, but this year I will be watching the clocks carefully.

Enjoy making memories with your family this Christmas season


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