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The Bland family offers a variety of Parent Coaching workshops to help parents connect with and empower their children and teens.

Greg offers a unique perspective and personal life story that inspires hope; regardless of your heritage or current life circumstances you can move toward a healthy thriving relationship within your family.

Gain a teens perspective as Greg’s children share from their heart both the bad and the good of cultivating relationship with teens today.

Workshop Topics Include:

Understanding and Cooperating with Your Children’s Natural Growth Patterns.

  • gregory-bland-workshops3Recognize and embrace our children & teens Natural Growth Patterns, transitioning from the Limiting Parenting Style, and move toward an Empowering Parenting Style
  • Understand the early warning signs indicating it’s time to release responsibility and give greater freedom. What if it wasn’t about age at all?
  • Recognize that your child’s initial push for greater freedom may not be symptoms of rebellion but something more natural and normal.
  • Walk away with a concrete action plan for cooperating with your child’s natural growth patterns.

Supporting a Relationship of Understanding

  • Recognize and apply principles that foster health within your relationshipsgregory-bland-workshops4
  • What is the greatest longing of our children’s hearts?
  • The anatomy of a question; different kinds of questions and how they impact the openness of our children/teens. Learn how to ask so that your child/teen will open up.
  • Listening in a way that fosters openness within our children/teens and opens the door for the deeper matters of their heart.
  • How to ensure mutual understanding and foster a healthy open relationship with our children.

Supporting Growth the EASEy way.

  • gregory-bland-workshops2Learn how to walk your children and teens through decision-making, setting personal goals, commitment, and follow through.
  • What does Healthy Accountability look like? Establish a pattern of “healthy accountability” that will encourage your children/teens toward growth, as opposed to discouraging them when they fail.
  • Encouraging progress in a way that fosters a desire for personal growth.

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What other’s are saying about Pro-Active Parent Coaching & The Legacy Centre workshops. (from both parent and marriage retreats)

Greg is very engaging, easy to listen to and time flies by, it did not feel like a 4 hour seminar. – Rene (Manitoba)

I wished I would have had this knowledge 20 years ago. – Sheirell (Manitoba)

My greatest take away from our time together was working on and creating realistic goals for our children. – Chrissy (Manitoba)

This workshop opened my mind to different parenting styles and gave me a chance to speak with other parents in similar situations that I would not have otherwise done. – Daniel (Manitoba)

Greg was clear, passionate, and asked thought provoking questions. – Ed (Manitoba)

Greg & Lynn were comfortable and real about their relationship.  – Lyle and Susan (New Brunswick)

This workshop was very informative, casual, and helpful.  The role playing gave us great insight and listening skills. – Joey and Fran (New Brunswick)

We’ve been married for almost 26 years.  This weekend helped us recharge our relationship.  Sometimes we fall into the habit of thinking we always know that the other is thinking.  Thank you for sharing your heart.  We could see that you practice what you preach. – Mike and Una (New Brunswick)

Relaxed, transparent, REAL. Kristin & Debra-Lee (New Brunswick)

We enjoyed their friendliness, openness, and humour. – Ranal & Karen (New Brunswick)

My greatest takeaway is that it is not too late to start working toward being a better parent. – Margaret (Nova Scotia)

The benefit I see this having upon my parenting is . . . more awareness of my expectations on my children and to begin releasing more responsibility to them. – Craig (Nova Scotia)

This was a great reminder to be intentional now in the early years and be flexible – doing with not just doing for. – Jen (Nova Scotia)

It was impactful to hear from your children as well.  – Andrew (Nova Scotia)

I see my approach and view of situations changing.  Rather than viewing myself as a parent only, I see myself as a coach a guide. – Laura (Nova Scotia)

Equipping Parents to Connect with and Empower their Children.