‘Getting Started in Leadership Coaching’ Training

leadershipcoachingbundle-1Get a personal introduction to the dynamic techniques professional coaches use to transform lives and develop leaders with Getting Started in Leadership Coaching

Price(USD): $175.00

For:  Anyone who wants to start learning to coach

Instructor:  Gregory Bland
Format:  Online Interactive Webinar
Financial Investment
:  $175.00 + materials (Purchased directly from Coach22.com)

Learning Style:  Interactive demo and discussion, reading and peer practice

Materials:         Leadership Coaching Book and Leadership Coaching Live CD’s by Tony Stoltzfus

Learn the basic skills needed to carry on an effective coach conversation

Whether you are looking for basic coach training, or just want to see what the buzz is all about, this seven-session interactive course fills the bill. Gregory Bland will walk you through five key skills in the coaching approach. For each training session you’ll read in the best-selling book Leadership Coaching about how to practice a new coaching technique, listen in as master coach trainer Tony Stoltzfus models that skill on your CDs, and then participate in a live webinar to practice and apply what you’ve learned.

Topics covered include:
The coaching paradigm and core coaching values
The Coaching Funnel conversation model
Setting SMART change goals
How to ask great coaching questions
Developing options with the Five Options or Ideal Future techniques
Developing committed action steps
The Could Do>Want To>Will Do model

Course Details:
Participants will purchase the book Leadership Coaching by Tony Stoltzfus and the audio cd’s Leadership Coaching Live directly from Coach22.com

The following is the webinar syllabus  for March

Week 1  Orientation ¨  Class 1: Orientation.                               Date: March 3rd  9am EST ½ hr
Week 2a  The Coaching Approach¨  Book: Read Part I Intro and chapters 1 to 3; do chapter exercises.¨  CD Set: Listen to Sessions 1 and 2.¨  Class 2: The Coaching Approach.        Date: March  17th ¾ hr¾ hr1 hr
Week 2b The Power of Responsibility¨  Book: Read chapters 4 to 6 and 11; do chapter 11 exercises.¨  CD Set: Listen to Session 4: Personal Responsibility.¨  Class 3: The Power of Responsibility.   Date: March 17th

¨  Option: Peer practice session for week 3.

1 hr½ hr1 hr

(½ hr)

Week 3a  Setting Effective Goals¨  Book: Part II intro, chapters 9 and 10; do chapter exercises.¨  CD Set: Listen to Session 5: SMART Goals and the Coaching Funnel.¨  Class 4: Setting Effective Goals.              Date: March 24th 1 hr½ hr1 hr
Week 3b  Asking Powerful Questions¨  Book: Read chapters 12 and 13; do chapter exercises.¨  CD Set: Listen to Session 6: Opening Doors with Probing Questions.¨  Class 5: Powerful Questions.                   Date: March 24th

¨  Option: Peer practice session for week 5.

1 hr½ hr1 hr

(½ hr)

Week 4a  Problem Solving the Coaching Way¨  Book: Read chapter 14; do chapter exercises.¨  CD Set: Listen to Session 7: Problem Solving the Coaching Way.¨  Class 6: Problem Solving.                        Date: March 31 ¾ hr½ hr1 hr
Week 4b  Converting Ideas to Action¨  Book: Read chapters 15 to 17; do chapter 15 exercises.¨  CD Set: Listen to Session 8: Taking Decisive Action.¨  Tele-Class 7: Converting Ideas to ActionDate: March 31

¨  Option: Peer practice session for week 7.

1 hr¼ hr1 hr

(½ hr)

Price(USD): $175.00

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