Birkman Method

people-skills-birkman-gregory-blandPeople skills are among the most critical skills we can develop.  Whether in business, ministry, or family our ability to work with people impacts our success and fulfillment in relationship.  Healthy interpersonal relationship and the success we achieve largely depend upon how well we understand ourselves and others we interact with day to day.

The Birkman Method® is a scientifically developed, multi-dimensional assessment tool, designed to help you understand how you are naturally ‘put together.’ If you are looking for a personality assessment for improving people skills, aligning roles and relationships for maximum success, and/or gaining a greater understanding of yourself and others, this is it!


Sample Reports

Strengths & Needs      Areas of Interest     Life Style Grid    Career Management Plus     Stress Pages

Gregory_Bland_Certified_ConsultantGregory was certified to use the Birkman Method® in March 2009 and has since been working with individuals, couples, family’s, and ministry teams as they seek to understand themselves and one another.



Consulting Packages

Individual Consultation

You’ll take the online Birkman questionnaire (298 questions) which will take approximately 30 – 60 minutes and then we’ll set up a time to conduct our 90 minute feedback session.  During this session we’ll walk through your reports, discuss the most relevant aspects for you, and create actions steps as you move forward.  You’ll receive 75+ pages of descriptive and prescriptive information that will help you improve your work and interpersonal relationships.

Price(USD): $250.00

Birkman Quarterly  Refresher

The quarterly refresher is a great addition to your personal growth and implementation of the Birkman Reports into your life after your initial consultation.   Our aim is to help you get the most from your reports and foster continued growth by offering you an opportunity for to ask questions and further discuss your reports in light of your changing life, new growth goals, and potential actions steps.

Price(USD): $75.00

If you desire couple, group, team consultations and workshops please let us know via the contact form below.

Do you belong to a charitable organization? If so you may qualify for a discount on the products and services offered here, feel free to enquire via the contact form below.

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