Biological Reproduction vs Fatherhood

fatherhood-gregory-bland-the-legacy-centreIt’s easy, and frankly, quite an enjoyable experience for a man in producing a child.  The responsibility that follows the conception and birth of a child, though, is another story altogether.

I was raised by a single mom. My Dad was distant, not just geographically but emotionally and physically as well.  The role models for Fatherhood in my life were few and far between.  My point of reference left me feeling ill prepared at best. In short, the thought of Fatherhood scared me.

What would I do with a child?  How would I relate to him/her?  Could I love them and be committed to their growth in maturity?  Do I have what it takes to be more than a biological donor and become a young man and/or young lady’s Father?

Please set aside the stereotypical image of Father’s today. Sitcoms depict us as forgetful, undependable, and dim-witted.  Fatherhood today is downplayed significantly despite the research that affirms over and over again the incredible importance a Father plays in a child’s development toward healthy responsible adulthood.

If you’re a Dad or a young man who struggles with the idea of being one can I encourage you with the fact that your role as Father is incredibly important. You’re role as an involved Father is needed.  And your role as a Father is valued by the children who call you Daddy.

Until next time, may your act of Fatherhood intentionally invest in the adult your child is becoming.

Your friend and Pro-Active Parent Coach
Gregory Bland
Pro-Active Parent Coaching &
The Legacy Centre


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