About Gregory Bland

I am proud to be an involved Dad and couldn’t imagine it any other way.  One of the greatest privileges we have as parents is partnering with God in the development of our children physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  It’s incredible to think that we have been given such an awesome privilege and responsibility.

At the same time, I recognize that although God has entrusted these children to my care, to influence, to encourage, and to parent, He is at work developing greater character within my life through them.  As a Dad I have laughed harder, hurt deeper, & loved more than I thought was possible.  Being a Dad is an incredible experience, one of which I am truly thankful for.  But I am not just a Dad.  I am also a husband.

Lynn joined me on this incredible journey, way back in the spring of 1994, when we made the plunge and tied the proverbial knot.We were light headed, starry eyed, and had little knowlege of the incredible journey we were about to embark upon.  Is our relationship perfect?  Of course it is! (Actually, I just said that to get some brownie points with Lynn.) In reality our relationship is not perfect.  We’ve had our share of differences, disagreements, and dissension, but have never entertained the “big D and I don’t mean Dallas.”

I am not divorced, although many in my immediate and extended family are, and I was raised in a single parent home.  I am not a distant Dad, although many Dad’s are noticeably uninvolved. I am not even an expert in all things, although I know some who believe they are.

Who I am and what I have to offer is an open, willing heart, and a family who is open to sharing our journey with you.  Our hope is that by engaging with our journey you will be able to glean, learn, and apply parenting/family principles within your own family context. I have heard it said, “There is only one thing better than learning from your mistakes, and that is learning from someone else’s.”  So feel free to learn from ours.

You may be curious by now.  This is a photo of our children.  Yup, two teenage girls, and one boy.  Quite frankly we have loved every stage of their lives and anticipate that enjoyment continuing.  We recognize very clearly that we are on a journey together.

As you read and participate within this Pro-Active Parent Coaching website you will get to know each of us significantly more.

On a more official note my credentials might be considered as the following. . .

Husband, Dad, Pastor, Leadership/Life Purpose Coach, Certified Birkman Method Consultant, Speaker, Author, Creator of Pro-Active Parent Coaching Model, Lover of God & Life, plus an all round great guy.


Equipping Parents to Connect with and Empower their Children.