Welcome to Pro-Active Parent Coaching & The Legacy Centre

Welcome to Pro-Active Parent Coaching & The Legacy Centre

In a time in which family relationships are breaking down in epic proportions;
a time where the divide between parents/children/teens is increasing;
a time where many have abandoned all hope of healthy relationship within their family, . . . we offer another story.

It’s a story of change;
a story of challenge;
a story of possibility;
a story of HOPE.

It’s a story that dares to break free from the limiting power of statistics we see all around us and travel a different, more difficult, but rewarding road.

Imagine breaking free from the chains of your family history;
Imagine healthy relationship with your children and teens;
Imagine conversations that connect with, open, and reveal the deeper thoughts of hearts;
Imagine respect, honor, and love becoming the norm within your family, not the exception.

Is it simple?  Surprisingly so.
Is it easy? Not on your life.
Is it possible? Absolutely.

Join us on the journey as we create a legacy of relational health for generations to follow.

Equipping Parents to Connect with and Empower their Children.